Monday, August 23, 2010


Pawing paper-cups is my avocation
Walking without shoes- One-three-two-four

That lump you talk about, you talked about yesterday
did not last a day.
But I was born with mine
lumps beneath my feet
Grandad Tommy said " That's where they should be"
The throat is just to see
how long the tongue flows
how deep it goes
how does one measure greed

the city's litter says it all
measures greed in calories
the hydrometer says 'tl rain
but time needs a divine scullery

And all this stench who cannot take
-the sophisticated takes a tram
And other's press a cloth so tight
they close the door to their rotten form

And I sad dog look up
My snout held high as rain beats the walls
And prick my ears for the rains plea
For some human kindness


loony girl said...


Ritayan said...

i love this post. rain, greed and grey all painted into a canvas and so intricately meshed into one...that its glad you didn't do what you said you would...