Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot Girls >< Bathtubs

Disappointment is pricking your ear to catch a tune bellowing out from a distant neighbours' television set, running to the living room scanning through 79 channels to finally get to watch the last few seconds of  an advertisement which had captured your fancy during the formation years to find -they've changed the GIRL!!!!!!!

Long pencil legs replaced by short stout ones, long slender arms replaced by limbs screaming baby-fat and that fairy like glide replaced by a perky high-heeled strut?!?!

How could they?
Now, one might say I'm being shallow and discriminatory but then if I had to admire femininity for it's sake I'd plain look into my mirror... But when the music says "Saundarya saboon Nirma"---


Oh the golden glow
the dusky beauty
her Bollywoodish glee
her needless walks
and endless legs

Oh the woman
Who could even make bargaining for grocery
Seem like an Edenic exchange

is gone!

But if you're a Hansika Motwani fan, you should surely catch the new ad. *biggrin*


ananya chatterjee said...

hi friggin larious

Geek in the Pink said...

I HATE Hansika Motwani.
You have keep yourself happy with Sonali doing the Pril ads in a sari.
She's grown up :(

little boxes said...

i remember the old Sonali Bendre ad.remember she puts a "tikli" on that shot she is surrounded with lovely silver jewellery.AND that lacey dress she wore before dissappearing into the train...
ah!stuff little girl dreams are made of.
on a completely different note,it is disturbing how very advertisement conditioned our minds are :P
i love your blog.

ketamine said...

@Beady- And remember those 'capture' sounds in between... how I wanted to be clicked like that...!

@ Yes, they are sad :(

@ Museji- Thanks :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Oh god that fatty hansika! was it not enought to do cost cutting on the product that now they have to employ *that*

That was the only place where sonali looked nice.