Saturday, September 25, 2010

Liqour language

Honey, I'm swinging. I'm on the edge and swinging.

Honey, Honey I'm in love with her. I love staring at her. Her eyes.
She looks like you would ten years later.....

And then someone asks how would you feel if he had a spell of 'normal human attraction'?

I'd like to tell him "It's ok"
I'd like to tell him "It's human"
I'd like to tell him "I love you"

Don't you know I need my man to frisk every once in a while ? How else would I know I'm the one?
How else would I "flick my hair and take him in"?

I need intermittent 'action'..Tut tut

I need  a climax everyday.


The Itch said...

What will you be screaming while climaxing?

ketamine said...

Long live Aristotle!
Long live tragedy!

or the likes of it :|