Friday, September 16, 2011

What do women write about? Sloppy emotional ramblings, mood swings, private inanities…inconsequential encounters? What should women write about? Fiscal policy?... The perfect goal (without yielding to the temptation of passing any comment on the scorers physical appearance)…slight other women or women-kind at large?  Write about the condition of teenage boys in warring nations? And then would you not keep aside your magnifying glass and slightingly say “Who’s she to talk about all that?” Unless, of course the ‘she’ is Chitrangada Singh.

What have I been writing about all this while? What started as attempts at poetry ended up being meticulously stringed words, new in design, repetitive in essence. Always trying to give words to the typical teenage pang of being “in love/ and private rage”(quoting a genius of a junior here) and almost always writing with the expectation of being read by an anonymous someone who understands it all, even when the words don’t shape up right.

And what if someone does?
That’s when there is suddenly nothing to write about. That’s when it’s no longer a writer’s block but a poet’s paradise where poetry is in feigning misinterpretations only to prolong a conversation; poetry is having
someone to buy books for... 


Droopy Rose said...

Poetry is the purest form of it! Cheers

anirban mukherjee said...

Din Bodlache,Sur Bodle Jabe.