Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mind Candy

Most of us want to be happy

Some of us just want everything... To be happy and to be able to be grudge its absence as well... To be content and pine for contention at the same time. Here's the kind your mum should have warned you against and not strangers with chocolates. They are harmless when compared to those who love the rains and revolt at the mud that settles on their toe-nails,who want to hear and learn of great love stories which end in disasters, who need to be betrayed just so that they can suffer great pain and know it, touch its pink raw core and be back to regular life the next day. If not, they'll imagine it for themselves.

They are the kind who want to be loved to death and yet need loopholes to usher in doubt. They want you to want them like an animal and when you say so, they'll despise you for that. They want you to be gentle and when  you are, they need you to be rough.

So if you know one such flaming winter, close the door on them, keep them off the hearth. 'Cause these fires cannot be contained in fireplaces. They either burn at pagan bonfires or set the house on fire.


Piya said...

(when they want you)keep them out of sight,
(when they kill you))don't give them up without a fight. :P

ketamine said...


Sayantan Sunny Ghosh said...

I was waiting to fall in love all this while. But there were bills to be paid before that. And the bills kept coming.