Sunday, November 8, 2009

And then there’s this thing about birthdays…

…you get calls from people who exist only in phonebooks for the rest of the year, and people who do not use STD promos, texts from unknown numbers which when you reply turn out to be std numbers( Damn! My Re.1!!!!!!!…for a “thank you”!?!)…calls from elderly relatives after you’ve tied your shoelace( the landline being in the bedroom and access denied with shoes on) and planning a 10mins sprint to the metro station, not that you wouldn’t miss the first 10mins of the 1st class that way!

And then there are friends who conveniently forget and then call up two days later with not even the pretension of remorse but just to remind that you’ve aged enough to discard your favourite line of colourful socks (rainbow, teddybears, blue stars……)



Manjot Pahwa said...

Birthdays are so totally over-rated.

ketamine said...

you bet!