Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have these phases when I get unnaturally attached to cheap music..aye, your everyday bollywood chart-topper or maybe not...but yes it has to be peppy and sickeningly meaningless...last puja its was the bipasha basu starrer "LUCKY BOY"--few men got ideas..others got pissed..most got unnerved...some 6 months was "baba amar ki biye hobena?"(my dad pretended temporary deafness)..followed by the incoda tv triggered "mon mane naa"...this time the victim was Nobby(poor dear!)
And then..a long silence,there was nothing...not even buzzing crickets
because I've been talking.
Welcome back..!
Once again now there's this new song....though I dont even knw the name...but there's this refrain that goes like "jaane mere dil ko kya hua"...thanks to a cab-mate who plays the song regularly.
(Our professors would say literature cant be categorised into good and understand Joyce you need to read Mills and Boons , to absorb Lawrence Sheldon needs to be read...If we apply the same to music then lets say I'm preparing myself for some greater song......)


rh3a said...

tum mile jaane dil ko mere kya hua,
jaane mere dil ko kya hua!!

ask me, i'm the cheapstar! :)
tottaal sanu lover! \m/

ketamine said...

YES YES YES...that's the one!!!!!!


I listen to that song every morning around 4 to 4:30a.m....IMAGINE!

The Wizard said...

Interesting logic. Got to try it out sometime.