Thursday, May 28, 2009

You or/and Me

You are my emotional bank…but not just that…DEFINITLY NOT. This game is fine. I’ve learnt the tricks and now I can win or lose at will.

I have nothing but these two years …within me….between us. And nothing you do can take that away from me.

You want to add?
Me too.

I loved that evening when we could hold hands without attracting well-fed glances.

I’m a baby you know. I need to be hugged.

I’m a woman you know. I can’t speak my mind.

You are my emotional bank….or maybe not…a SEA! And yes I love this game. Learnt the tricks? Yes, No…Maybe! I’m just happy it’s a two-player game. It’s either you or me.

I’ll be the oleander
Growing beside you
Growing into a woman
Growing into a tree
And I won’t need to be touched
For it would delight me to see
Our shadows close in embrace

Not you. Nor me.


rh3a said...

u can always hope on my back, u know?
and i shall carry u around everywhere! nevermind the glances! :)

rh3a said...


ketamine said...

yes I will when you'd be sleeping :)