Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We are three of us.
And me.

I’m the eldest one
As old as time can be
Since when have we been walking?
I really cannot say
Since when have they been stalking?
It all seems like yesterday.

Now she cheers, and now she jeers
And the other she fights my fears
What am I ,
Without you two?
My destruction
To you is due

Now she whispers, laughs out loud
Now she falls back on a cloud
-it’s you who laughed
-not me!
-nor I!

Then maybe it was a passer-by.

Now she flutters, loves in vain
Now she breaks her heart again
-It’s me who loved
-and me-
and I

But it’s vain to love a passer-by.
-You are me
-Yes you and I
And we are one
On the other side

-Go to sleep-
And let us die
For we are fake
Like the passer-by

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