Sunday, August 19, 2012

This morning I woke up
when the maid rang the bell
just after we had resolved our issues
from the last decade,
dismissed our realities
for rumours, made love
till it sugared  and crystallized
into a happy ending
in my dream
but the maid
rang the bell

This morning I wondered
when kohl became a necessity,
when the maid
broke the stick
in her manic sweeping stint
and left
While I strained to determine
If the dream had been long enough
To have begun at the crack of dawn…

This morning
I dressed appropriately to meet delegates
in the afternoon
while trying to figure out how the maid
could have cleaned it all
in a jiffy
given the expanse of our rooms…

Just how?

This morning
I logged in, re-read old mails
re-evaluated the amount of time I could have spent
in the bath
for the maid to have finished
by then
Signed out. Logged off
Shut the system down
found you blinking in the upper-left  corner
of my consciousness

The maid didn’t clean all the corners
this morning
That’s how

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