Sunday, April 24, 2011


It’s moving.

A movement, many a movements all for that same vixen of a change. A lot of movements recently: trolley bags being dragged from room to room at the midnight hour, boxes opened searched sealed again and again- broken searched sealed again- opened fingered through the entrails again- ugly guts, ugly drying guts –NOT FOUND, clumps of cotton push out through the tear again. Oh teddy teddy is this where the bear hugs came from? The warmth of cotton now clawed scattered and dead. 

Those are the tufts of cloud that was his tummy

It’s moving
Its moving on that’s most moving. It isn’t.
Its moving out that’s moving.  And there’s Surendran’s chair without the leg. Will that be moving too? Or just pushed aside, pushed away?

Furniture you!
You furniture, aye!
You! furniture I?
Aye! Aye!

Come thermocol , come mothball, let’s make this ritual  grand for the mind to feel it moved. Come dragging, piling, marking, unmarking, toppling, falling, throbbing, hurting, quivering, stomping, slamming let’s make it remarkable.

With a little help from a final push.

Furniture I


Paulami said...

how do you do it?

remind me how?

little boxes said...

so much flux in this.
makes it beatiful