Sunday, April 17, 2011

Game plan

So here's the game.

I will give you hints, maps, and even directions. And then discredit them. I will tell you what to look for which exact words, which subtle signs, songs, whispers, door-slams. And when you are almost there I'll negate them all. And it will be up to your conviction in your comprehension, your sixth sense to kick aside the wrong stepping stone.

So here's the journey.
Will you play?
Will you play along? 

You're my deep secret, I'm your pantomime
I'll just move my hands, I promise you'll see what I mean


Paulami said...

i am in am in... for anything and everything

ketamine said...

First clue- nightmare :P

gohost said...

Its really interesting game about rout map.If your question understand some hard. if you give any clue means its really helpful to solve your query.