Friday, March 19, 2010

Molting and its ethics

I read into another life, another's life each day.

Another woman my age, if biology counts, and layers of understanding elder and richer than mine. I read forward and backward through the three years she has shared, inward and outward of the many moments, incidents and insignificance's that make her what she has been these three years, of what she is now and everything and everyone that she's yet/about to be.

Envy would be an easy emotion to set in, even awe and admiration if the good angels whispered it into my ears. But truth be told, it's a hollowness, an endless void that might take more than a lifetime to be saturated.
It's not an ideal to follow but at least an inward-pointing finger that chide the hibernating seeds of a significant person that lie scattered inside. And significance here is purely personal

And it feels like fear
Like I'll disappear
Gets so hard to steer
Yet I go on

-Lift, Poets of the Fall


Oshtorombha said...

tor blog ta very soothing kintu. :)

we read into lives all the time eh. Living in and for perpetual voyeurism. But the joke is always on us, when we don't even know which reading deceives and which teaches. You put it really well.

ketamine said...

soothing korlam...agey ekta laal-kalo'r riot chhilo

And those that deceive teach us most , mone hoy..

Thank you

Ritayan said...

even the riot of red and black was appealing in its own way, and yes true to what you quoted "yet, i go on". we learn...we unlearn, stumble and try to read some more but always we keep going on...all about the journey after all!! as always i love your work

Ritwik Goswami said...

Purely Existentialist :)

ketamine said...

@Ritayan- send me a critique at times please....please and thank you again :)

@Ritwik- though that was not on my mind :)

Tamoghna said...

inspiring.ami tomar moton eto sundor english likhte paarina.. tai banglatei janachhi... moner protichobbi khub sundor vaabe portray korecho tomar lekhar modhye..anuvutider vasa khub sukhho vaabe choritrer madhoyme futiye tulecho.. osadharon... poroborti lekhar opekhhay thakbo.. vaao theko.. tamoghna...