Sunday, March 14, 2010


This will be the last time I tell you

How I curl my toes

And not my lips

How I close my palm

and draw you in

How I twitch my nose and never plead

How I curl my t’s in Italics

And the women you meet

Tell them they’re pretty

Praise their sea-deep eyes

And crave for me

But if you should cross my street

And fall weak on your knees

I will flick my hair and take you in

Keep you in my closet between the dreams

Like a pair of old shoes

In a new box cover

Like an old excuse

Used over and over


ananya chatterjee said...

loved it. awefrigginsome.........
'like an old excuse
used over and over'
thats like nihil ultra dudette

ketamine said...

hah...when you are the muse...had to be !! :D

ananya chatterjee said...

awww swt thanks :)
bdw i like dat.... being called a muse....

a girl from yesterday... said...

wow! er beshhi kichu bolar nei...r btw...i luv this template too!

ketamine said...

@ananya- :)Muse with pretty eyes
@Dipsy- I LOVE the template three :D