Saturday, March 6, 2010

green straw nestle's

I came.
I saw
I procrastinated
I questioned my abilities
I floated through photo albums
I wanted those pictures too
I wanted me in them
I wanted a better cell-phone( one with a camera in it)
I want not to want it
I want not to need anything more

Nothing more than the good-life my folks have woven
Nothing more than the comforting prescience that ma would know if I shiver in my sleep
Nothing more than being able to tell my didi's success story over and over again
Nothing more than knowing she's there, she always will
Nothing more than being the blacksheep-princess that I'm
Nothing more than being enveloped by the 'rare man'
Nothing more than growing up to him. But..

I'm human. My wants are multiplying each day
I'm middle-class. But it seldom comes in my way

I want to paint an orange woman on a black paper. Someday
I want to have my own style or many.
I want Ma to have all the china she has always wanted
I want her to stop counting coins
I want to tell didi she's done it

I want be his doll forever. Slip into his T's and look odd.
I want to come home with him on summer evenings
I want to buy him a Moby Dick


Ritayan said...

and i want to bow to you...
and leave the rest to silence

ketamine said...

*Bows back*

Manjot Pahwa said...

Unimaginably beautiful.