Monday, March 1, 2010

Cyan. I love the ocean.

And violet toes from yesterday.

Ketamine is all smiles. Beat that.

Why should she not be?

1. As she observed her emoticons were not emoting deep within. System scanned, Error: Obscure melancholia.
2. The wrong kinds of people are attending A.C.M Maam’s classes on Beloved.
3. Just organizing a seminar with complicated pseudo-issues was not enough, professors had to be begged to stick to their seats
4. People are joining “Save tigers ” ,“Save Penguins” pages on Facebook and talk like “Eww you are so Gorib” whoever is going to save humanity??
5. Kids half her age ( or maybe a little more) are th
rough with their youth. And have supposedly grown out of college. And as she prayed once she prays again “ God keep my growth arrested forever and ever. Amen”
6. He who is almost-here is already on his flight back.
7. She wanted it this way.
8. And cyan will be tomorrow.

But there were colours yesterday.
Too many of them
When I wasn’t even looking.
They were in my eyes.

It was Holi too.
And He was there.
He who will always be.

He who sprinkled violets on my way.

And was there another Troy for her to burn?
They had answered.
She was 'theirs'.


Ritayan said...

you amaze. each time i come here you metamorphose into something more beautiful, more vibrant and enigmatic.

ketamine said...

Thank you :)