Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Arunav and Rajat – “Oh you’re not a close friend of hers if she has not told you about a ‘certain’ man and ‘certainly’ his blog’’, has reached me*smiles* But that’s not true. I might spill something about the ‘certain’ man (blame it on the liquor) to you CLOSE-fiendish-friends, but I share nothing of what he writes unless I consider someone fit to read it. Huh!

And with this I suddenly realise that I have more fingers than friends (and I'm not counting my toes) but you can be sure I'm counting you.

Aside to Arunav- As compensation you might send me a Beetle. ;)

Eshita- The dreams were confidential. Thou shall be rebuked for this.

Aurnob- Thank you. Your understanding what the Sea means to me means a lot to me. I shall remember that.

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