Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Being childish is claiming a much elder man whom I got to know over the net.

Being childish is unknowingly being the right weapon to get your woman to act the way you wanted her to. Being childish is not to have let out the truths about her believing you already know. Being childish is hurting both of us thereof. Being childish is walking all the way from College Street to Baaghbazar believing that I could lose myself at the end of the road. Being childish is sleeping on your shoulder on the way back after you’ve tamed the wild colt with a thunderous slap. Being childish is calling you up 124 times in a single evening to ask “ What if I fail?”. Being childish is to make you come over to my college, incase I really do fail. Being childish is to need you to make the 62.5% sink in. Being childish is to fret over which exit of the Rabindra Sadan metro station to take, which bus to take me to the north. Being childish is to have hated you through the 2-3hr long midnight sessions on “growing up”, “being a woman”, “how to take criticism”….Being childish is to have been gifted with that vast body of knowledge that you had acquired through excruciating suffering...to have become this much stronger me I know and not being able to say anything nearly good enough to express my gratitude.

Being childish is not to have known that it was never being childish….It was being your child.

God made man in his image.I have made God in your's.

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