Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wasteful Bonfire

I could do without those flowers
like false leaves on autumn twigs,
dressed to accost
another of your kind.
Pretend to be purblind, or ignorant
Of the rubbles from the past
The dawn of Feb and April days….

But why should now
the spring be blamed,
when November
is up in flames?

I could do without those fires
Burn brighter if I choose to
Ignited by impulse
And vexing remembrance
Clandestine ardor, ophicleide lies
Set ablaze by the flames of obstinacy
And you’ll christen me as a wasteful bonfire

Oh Ignorant
Do you not see
The moth in you seeks
Destruction in me?


Nimo said...

The last four lines is why it is more than a lovely poem.... and why you are more than a poetess.

ketamine said...

It is? :O I'd love to believe that :)