Sunday, May 4, 2008


Savouring this solitude
Idly breathing away
Just the warmth but not the sun
Yet calling it a day
Peeping out now and then
The Piper’s not to be seen
The tune keeps ringing in my mind
Piper, where have you been?

Purple dreams I’ve traded
To cling to your last strain
Left behind my earthly form
To follow this pleasure-pain
What words you weave to entrap me
None perceive your game
And I keep losing to senselessness
Poet, what’s your name?

Delude me no more now
Dusk is on its way
Its time to leave your hidey-hole
Come to me I say
The tunes you’ve piped
Have left me numb
To the words you’ve stringed
I have succumbed
The engulfing charm wouldn’t let me stay
Piper, poet take me away

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